The attic in your house is a place that is usually not give much attention or importance to but it has a lot of potential. Your attic can be your private space where you may spend a lot of time in. If you love reading, then you can turn your attic into your secret place for reading. A lot of homes have attics where the attic door is hidden, if you have an attic like this one, it would be a lot more perfect to become your new secret sanctuary.

There are times when we just want to detach from a lot of things that are happening in the world and we just want to rest. Your attic that you turn into your private space is perfect for that. Just imagine waking up one Sunday morning, and having a cup of coffee up in your attic while the birds chirp in the distance and the trees dance along to the cool morning breeze. We all need alone time. We all need some space that we can call our own. We all need to relax and to stretch our legs for a little bit.

To turn your attic into your secret sanctuary, of course you have to put some attic decor in it. The attic decor will all be up to you. There is no one restricting you on what you want to do in your private space. You may decorate the attic in your favorite color and place your favorite objects there. You could turn it into your personal reading loft, you study area, your office, your gaming room if you are a gamer, an entertainment space, or an extension of your bedroom, it all depends on what you want to do in your attic. The possibilities are endless. You just have to get creative!