Your living room is a space in the house for everyone. Of course, you would want your living room to be a lot homey for your family and also in times when you have visitors over. You would want your visitors to be comfortable in your living room.

For the living room home decor, you should make it look a lot spacious. You don’t want to stay in a space where you could not move in. It would also not be comfortable that way. You may add decorations such as vases, figurines, bookshelves, flowers, and lamps but you should not go overboard with these items. Remember that your living room is a place where you likely would spend a lot of time in as you wait for dinner to be cooked, when you have movie nights with your family, when you have people over, and the likes. If your living room is too decorated, there would not be much space to move in. And if you have little kids in the house, it’s also not a good idea to overdecorate. What you should have in your living room are couches, a simple coffee table, a television, and perhaps some side tables and a bookshelf. For decorations, focus on the carpet, on the lighting, and the kinds of furniture instead. You may also have plants instead.

You may also have a color scheme for your living room. The simpler the better. You may go all out on a chandelier and on stand lamps or table lamps. Choose great pillows that match your couch too. For the walls, you may hang tapestries, framed photos, paintings, and other artworks. You may want to have a modern feel to your living room that your children will appreciate such as black and white colors. You may also choose brown and green instead for more earthy tones and and this way, they would suit plants that you put in the room if you wish to also.