In the advent of Pinterest and other websites that provide ideas for home improvement, we just can’t help but also DIY decor our homes. For a lot of people, starting with your sink is beneficial because people don’t really walk in that area so they won’t notice your bathroom decoration too much and the fact that you’re just a beginner at this venture.

If you’re planning to decorate your sink, here are some inexpensive ideas that you may execute yourself.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are a classic and you can get them anywhere. Ideally, for the bathroom set up, mason jars are great for keeping your disposables such as cotton pads, cotton swabs or makeup applicators. You may also use them to hold your makeup brushes and other hairstyling tools.

Artificial or Dried Flowers

Flowers are a great idea if you want a centerpiece to your minimalist style. There are so many available on Amazon that will practically cost you little but will last for a long time. You may hang these on the wall or put them on a slim vase on top of your sink.


Candles are the top choice for people who are into taking bubble baths. There are so many candles to choose from based on scent and purpose. There’s something that will fit your personality for sure. Plus, these look really good on top of a marble or wooden counter.

Vanity Mirror

If you’re into makeup then it would be great to place a vanity mirror on top of your sink. If you already have a mirror, then all you need to do is to attach some yellow and white lights. This will give you a better view of your face when doing your makeup and this will also allow for better bathroom selfies!

Perfume Collection

A lot of people find it aesthetically pleasing to display their perfume collection especially when they’re made of glass bottles.

Whatever decor you choose for your sink, just be sure that it doesn’t get ruined or damaged in the process! You know how messy it can get in the bathroom.