Your bed is a space where you spend a lot of time in. You sleep in it for hours a day. You also stay most of the time probably in your bed daydreaming, watching movies or some series on your TV or laptop, chatting with your friends and siblings, and whatnot. Therefore, it would be a good idea if you start decorating your room and choosing designs for your sheets rather than just using whatever your mom buys for you. Especially if you have your own place or you live in a dorm, you would want to do some bedroom decoration so that you would feel more comfortable in your space and also in order for it to feel more like your own.

For your sheets, you must first consider the material that you will be using. Do you want to have softer sheets or are crisp fabrics more your style? You should also consider your location and the weather. If it is hot where you reside, you don’t want to get a comforter and thick sheets. Otherwise can be said if you live in a cold place. You would want to have thicker sheets then. You should also consider fabric such as if you are allergic to some materials. For the color, it would be nicer if the color and design of the sheets match the color of the paint in your room or simply, the theme of your room decoration. Nonetheless, it’s all up to you.

White sheets are also really popular these days alongside faux fur carpets and furry pillowcases, You might want to adopt that kind of decor into your bedroom decoration. If you love stars, you may also have starry bed sheets and even sheets with constellation designs. These are also really popular these days.